I’ve been looking for solutions
Mostly in half-drunk cups of coffee
You know me. You can guess already. I’ve been going on walks alone quite often lately.
And I can’t help but think and think and overthink

Oh God, I can’t find answers! I scream and cry

And drink more coffee

Maybe some answers just aren’t there yet. 

Maybe some of them are me.



And the great name of insanity
Soaked through my head;
I was not loved.
I couldĀ feel the same
old age of mine.
Yet when they came to greet me,
I was just as strong as young,
And I knew that somewhere in
this world
I could live forever.
I just had to break away,


At times you’d smile
Like this world
Was the most perfect thing.
You’d lose a piece of yourself
In the beauty
Of this

You were never whole

Me and life
Have been playing a game lately
The winner gets you

I think I am losing
You seem distant
And full of life


Hello. I am the Little Writer.

I am living in London, and I am way too young for many of the things I am experiencing.

I write too much

and drink coffee in excessive amounts

and my love for poetry is infinite.

I take in my life with all that comes along and I am on my way to living my dreams.

I want to share my little poems and stories with you. Haunt you a little sometimes.

This will be the story of the Little Writer in London.

See you soon,
The Little Writer